Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The rise of unemployment is a direct result of the Obama administration’s out-of-control spending, massive deficits and strident anti-business agenda. While Randy does not believe that government creates jobs, he knows that it can destroy jobs through uncertainty, out-of-control spending, high taxes and burdensome regulations.

We must continue to work to end this uncertainty facing our small business owners so that they thrive once again.

Fix the Broken Tax Code
When tax attorneys with decades of experience don’t understand our tax code, it’s clear that the system is broken. Randy believes we should clean up our tax code by making it flatter, fairer and remove loopholes to create an environment where businesses can thrive and focus on growing and creating jobs.

Stop Job-Crushing Regulations
The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, but government, especially the federal government, is constantly attacking the business community. Randy has fought to end stifling job-killing regulations, such as the administration’s attempts to regulate dust on farms and treat a milk spill like an oil spill.

Randy supports legislation to require congressional review and approval of any proposed government regulation that would increase the cost of doing business in America.

Increase Exports
Illinois is a leading export state, but because of high taxes, government regulations and the liberal agenda to oppose trade treaties, we are quickly losing our edge. Randy supports a strong, pro-trade agenda.

Randy’s Family Agenda

Everyone talks about “family values,” but Randy believes the family is the very foundation of our society and at the core of what makes America great. But Randy doesn’t just talk about family values, he lives and votes it every single day.

100% Pro-life record
Randy has been a constant opponent of abortion. He believes that this is not a political issue, that it is our moral obligation to respect all life from the moment it begins. In Washington Randy is fighting to remove the shroud of secrecy from the abortion industry and supports eliminating all taxpayer funding for entities that choose to perform abortions.

Protecting Families
Randy is fighting against federal and state laws that undermine the sanctity of marriage and subsidize the break-up of families. In addition, he is a proponent of removing barriers for families seeking to adopt a child.

Fighting Obama’s reckless Agenda

Repeal Obamacare
When President Obama and Pelosi passed the government take-over of the American health care system, it was a travesty. Randy is dedicated the overturning one of the worst laws in American history and voted for its repeal on his first day in Congress.

End Obama’s borrowing and out-of-control spending
The national debt has increased by $4 billion under President Obama’s watch, the most rapid increase in the debt under any U.S. president. We must put an end to this borrowing and out-of-control federal spending. American families have to live within their means and I believe the federal government should as well. Once we establish a sensible federal budget, cut spending, and lower taxes, the economy will grow and businesses will feel confident to start hiring again.

Oppose all Obama’s proposed tax increases
We cannot spend our way out of our fiscal problems and we certainly cannot tax our way out of it either. Increasing taxes on individuals and business owners now would have disastrous affects on our economic recovery. In 2010 Randy pledged to the residents of the 14th District that he would not support any tax increases, he has and will continue to honor that pledge.

Battle Obama’s plans to disarm America
The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects an individual’s right to bear arms. This is a basic, constitutional right extended to all US citizens and should not be diminished by any elected official’s personal agenda.

Randy strongly supports the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms and will continue to fight to protect that right.